Gary McClure

Former APSU Baseball Coach Gary McClure Looks Forward to Watching Newberg in 2016

In 2015, former APSU baseball head coach Gary McClure signed Moline High School senior Brett Newberg to the Govs. McClure says he will continue to follow the athlete’s career from the sidelines and believes Newberg will work hard to refine his skills and grow as a fierce competitor in the coming season. Here, McClure shines some light on one of college baseball’s bright young stars that should make an impact right away.

Q: Who did Brett Newberg play for at Moline High School?

Gary McClure: Brett’s head coach was a man named Craig Schimmel. Schimmel was the assistant for 11 years prior to taking over for Derek Lindauer. He was a graduate of Moline HS himself, so he’s very invested in the team’s success. Moline is located on the Iowa Illinois line in an area known as the Quad Cities. The four cities that make up that area are all known for having excellents baseball traditions, and many players go on to play in college and even at the pro level. Brett is a very physical young man for his age, so i see him being a player that will have a chance to jump right into the program and make an immediate impact.

Q: What are Newberg’s strong points?

Gary McClure: Brett is a true two-way guy. On the mound, he boasts a 5-4 record with 73 strikeouts in just 59.1 pitched innings. His record is not indicative at all of his abilities on the mound. We saw him play mostly in summer ball for Top Tier, one of the nation’s top travel programs where his record was much better and he dominated much better competition than you see in high school. He is really a left handed power pitcher  that already has a fastball in the upper 80’s and will touch 90 mph. He also has a very good breaking ball that e can throw for strikes and command in or out of the zone along with a nice changeup. With 3 quality pitches he will have a chance to be a starter either immediately or down the road. Brett is also a very good hitter with some power and a nice swing. Although it is extremely hard, he truly may be a guy that can be a two way player. One thing I like about him is that he’s not afraid to get dirty. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the game. He is an outstanding player that any team would be truly lucky to have.

Q: Does he have any experience playing in high-stakes games?

Gary McClure: He does, quite a bit. After his junior year, Team Illinois selected Brett Newberg to play in the Midwest Future Games. He played Top Tier baseball in the summer under Matt Plante. Greg has also been invited to the prestigious Black and Silver showcase. These are all very prestigious events that only top players participate in, and the opportunities he had with Top Tier are challenging day in and day out.

Q: What is your overall impression of Newberg?

Gary McClure:  One thing that he brings to the table is that he’s a true competitor which is one of the most important qualities any athlete can have in my opinion. Another great quality that he possesses is that he loves to play, and again there is no substitute for that. He has great makeup and understands the game. Brett is just a quality young man, he’s a very good student, who is committed, and comes from an outstanding family. He is truly committed to Austin Peays program and will be a big part of their success in the coming years.